16 thoughts on “Mrs. Diehl.

  1. I’ll try again to respond to your excellent Mrs. Diehl – I also “liked” your writing very much and your server responded the usual way. It said that my password was not correct and did not send! How happy I am for you that you had such a teacher who taught you about the joy of music. REW

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    1. Your comment has appeared, Ruthie. The server, I believe, is not mine which is causing the problem; anytime you get a notification that your password is incorrect, the problem is caused by your link to the site, I think. I can’t control that part; WordPress gives you three options for commenting, and three icons just below the comment box. I think you need to click on the icon you wish to use, in order for your comment to “take.” Don’t click on the “W” icon, as I do not believe you have a WordPress account. You certainly do not need one, in order to comment! 🙂


  2. I would like to know how old Marjorie was when her loving parents adopted her? It sounds like the Diehl’s did an amazing job with Marjorie. I’m asking as an adoptive mom of a troubled child. I would appreciate any information you are willing to share with me. Thank you!!!! And thank you for sharing this beautiful story!


    1. Hello, casaquepaz. Marjorie was convicted of, I believe, conspiracy to commit murder, and died in prison. “An amazing job”? This piece was intended to portray her mother as a gifted educator and one willing to take on the immense responsibility of raising a troubled child. I think the jury is still out on whether or not her nurture was a factor, but perhaps. Mental illness knows only its own. Mrs. Diehl had a remarkable effect on MY life, and I wanted to portray and honor her strengths in this piece. “Amazing” is an adjective used all too frequently and, by its overuse, it may be weakened in its impact; nevertheless, I am grateful that you read my piece, and thank you for the compliments.


      1. I am not a screenwriter. I am a mother of 6. Two adopted and 4 bio children. I was hoping to find time to write but my children’s needs exceed my time to do so at this juncture in life. Thank you for your time! I am looking forward to any information you can find about the age of adoption etc! Thank you!

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        1. Ah. Okay. I will consult local sources, and see what can be unearthed. The Netflix? movie has drawn some attention to the “pizza bomber” case, in which Marjorie was sadly immersed.


          1. Hence my interest. My husband and I immediately recognized very similar traits in our daughter and have many questions about her very early years, months and weeks. My husband is also in the medical field so these questions came up and we could find zero information about her first three years of life. That is what we are most compelled to learn more about! Thank you for your time! Perhaps, if I survive this, I will write a screenplay about my experience with childhood mental illness and personality disorders! 😊


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