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Thank God, offers a password option.

What does this mean?

Simply put, it represents a chance to present original work at your site which is not visible to everyone.

Bit by bit, I am taking advantage of this opportunity.

If you are a reader, and would like to access certain pieces at, there is a password which I can give to you.

Please, go to my About page, find the email address, email me directly – and, I will provide you the password. But, first, you must offer me a short descriptor about YOU – in case we do not know each other, personally.

Then, click on Short Stories. The password protected installments can be found there.

Thank you!!

p.s. isn’t Obama right on the money, at this moment? I’m listening; are you? Feels like a Gospel Meeting, frankly.







Twinkling Eyes.



Some eyes just gleam

and, others glare

Some flash, or glaze

Behind a stare


Beware the orbs

Whose smiles alight

These will betray

Intent at sight


Though falsest face

A mask belies

The truth will speak

Through twinkling eyes.






© 8/28/18  Ruth Ann Scanzillo    All rights those of the author, whose name appears above this line. Please respect original material. Thank you very much.