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Ruth Ann Scanzillo 1975 – present; all rights reserved.





” The old lady sat

       on her side porch stoop

With a snack and a book

      in the sun

Which was low in the sky

      burning hot on her calves

so the lap cloth she moved

     ’til it hung

Just below both her knees

      shading ankles and feet

Which she tucked underneath

       her chair;

Then a bee smelled the ginger

      ‘tween thumb and finger

And, her afternoon read

      was done. “








© 6/17/2020 Ruth Ann Scanzillo.    p.s. Homage to “The 100 Year Old Man….”  by Jonas Jonasson — a truly hilarious read.



My Letter To Alcohol.

Most letters open with “Dear ….” ; this one will just begin

You are the nemesis, my arch-enemy, the demon I pray God to damn;

You lure, seduce, then rob me blind.

Mocking love, devotion, loyalty, and commitment, you mortify;

Masquerading as joy, you destroy.

You poison every plan, contaminate every climate, compel every crime;

Master of your motive, you hasten death

Or market as mind game, then cheat to win.





© 6/14/2020 Ruth Ann Scanzillo.