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Ruth Ann Scanzillo 1975 – present; all rights reserved.



* Warning: This piece is Rated R.


Bone pain

Stone pain

double-sided migraine.

Aching pain

Breaking pain

Burning, cutting, searing pain.

Gut pain

Butt pain

Shoot me in the head pain.

Do not make me feel pain.

Give your money

To the arts

Listen to them play their parts

I was never good enough

Wouldn’t suck

Give a fuck

I was shit

Out of luck

More pain

No more pain

Do not make me feel









© 11/16/2020 Ruth Ann Scanzillo

All rights those of the author, whose name appears above this line. Thanks.

I Wrote A Poem.

I wrote a poem in my sleep

Each phrase, each rhyme, all true

The dream was one I wished to keep

If just to prove to you

Though the power of sleep, so vast and deep

Somnambulance withstands

To rise and write, its worth to reap

I could not move my hands.





© 9/16/2020 Ruth Ann Scanzillo. All rights. You know the drill. Carry on.