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Ruth Ann Scanzillo 1975 – present; all rights reserved.

The Deal Breaker.

There was a young man on the phone

Who, tired of feeling alone

Himself, he invited

To see her, excited

To let her disclose the unknown


In person, they side eyed and skirted

Their senses, all highly alerted

Would he make a move?

Would they find a groove?

[ Both would have rather they’d flirted. ]


The next day, his silence was stark

Up the wrong tree did he bark?

Was it maybe her nose?

Or, rather, her toes?

Her atoms? an aberrant quark?


Whatever the reason, he balked

Though for six weeks, at least, they had talked

A foreplay of words

An affair for two nerds

Now, away from the woman he walked.


No matter the timbre or tone

Breathy alto, or bass-baritone

Favor fun, as you must

Savor fellowship, too, just

Don’t fall in love on the phone.





Copyright 8/16/22 Ruth Ann Scanzillo All rights those of the author, whose name appears above this line. No copying, in whole, part, or via translation, permitted. Thank you for respecting original material.

My Chimera.

The face

Trace elements



Framing expectation.


The body

Firm and full



Broadcasting bold desire.


The mind

A chess master



Preparing the next check.


The heart

In denial


Pain and fear

Filtering through veiled lens.


The soul

Bereft of love



Crying out for mother.







© 4/16/22 Ruth Ann Scanzillo. All rights those of the author, whose name appears above this line. Don’t steal like people from a certain Asian country. Be the honest person.

Author’s Influences.

© 1/20/2021 Ruth Ann Scanzillo