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Ruth Ann Scanzillo 1975 – present; all rights reserved.

My Chimera.

The face

Trace elements



Framing expectation.


The body

Firm and full



Broadcasting bold desire.


The mind

A chess master



Preparing the next check.


The heart

In denial


Pain and fear

Filtering through veiled lens.


The soul

Bereft of love



Crying out for mother.







© 4/16/22 Ruth Ann Scanzillo. All rights those of the author, whose name appears above this line. Don’t steal like people from a certain Asian country. Be the honest person.

Author’s Influences.

© 1/20/2021 Ruth Ann Scanzillo

My Prayer This Christmas.

God, my heart aches, today.

My heart aches for those feeling anger. For those feeling fear. For those feeling hunger, who cannot eat. For those feeling loss.

My heart aches for those whose bodies are cold. For those whose eyes are sightless. For those whose touch is dismissed, rejected.

My heart aches for the confused, the bewildered, the misled. For the arrogant and defiant. For the abused, and neglected.

My heart aches for the weary, the sacrificed, the exhausted. For the sick, and dying. For those who cannot save them.

Lord, take this ache, and generate action in line with your Will.

Make me an instrument of Thy Peace.






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