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Ruth Ann Scanzillo  

local eccentric, social homebody, overactive imaginator, speculator, and wisening woman.

Northwestern PA

*NOTE: This blog site is in no way affiliated with or connected to any of the following: littlebarefeet.com; Barefeetblogs.com; or, any other supplier of products associated with human feet.  littlebarefeetblog.com is my personal website, devoted exclusively – with the exception of the occasional audio/video – to the presentation of my authored essays, poems, and photographs. Thank you for visiting!

BIO: Professional ‘cellist/pianist; SAA registered Suzuki string instructor; former public school music teacher/childrens’ drama coach; background in graphic design/illustration……and, avocational writer…………………………………………….

INFLUENCES:  Lance Morrow; James Kavanaugh; Garrison Keillor; Peggy Noonan; Erma Bombeck; Billy Collins; Leonard Cohen; and, Alice Munro.

Thank you for reading.

….and thank you, WordPress, for the whole thing.



COPYRIGHT INFORMATION © littlebarefeetblog.com, (2014). Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. If excerpts and links are used, full and clear credit must be given to littlebarefeetblog.com with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

“littlebarefeet” is actually the rough translation of my father’s surname, which I was given at birth and which I retain in his honor.

Yours in words and pictures,


16 thoughts on “About

  1. I think your blog rocks! I have nominated you for a Liebster Award. If you choose not to accept. no further action is required by you. If you choose to accept the award. I will send you link for the badge that you can post on any of your pages, or you can find one on wordpress that you like the color of.
    There are a few things for you to do, if you accept. I have sent you links to my Liebster award pages which explain the rules. Please feel free to send me any questions via my About Page

    Rules for Liebster Award link below

    Eleven questions I wrote for you link below

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  2. Hi Ruth Ann. I’m responding here as your comment was a bit off topic from the post, so I thought this would be best. I would’ve responded via a contact me section, but I don’t see one on your blog.

    There’s not really a “culture” that I’m aware of, so I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking. Your blog looks nicely polished, too, so I’m not sure what I could help you with.

    Just keep at it! 😉


    1. A Contact Me section. Oh, dear. I include my email on my About page. Is there a link we can create on our Header to enable direct contacting? Per my use of the term “culture”…….I thought Blogging was populated by unpublished avocational writers, as distinct from published authors with recognized readership. I’m wrong about that, then, yes? I ask you because you are one of two bloggers who invite others to contribute to your pages – and, the only one I’ve seen who recently had a published author featured therein. That’s what I meant when I used the term “culture.” Thanks!


      1. I don’t know how to create a link like that. I’m honestly not sure how I can answer your question. There’s no culture that I’m aware of. Published and non-published authors alike have blogs. A lot of published authors have blogs to promote and discuss their published books.


        1. Thank you. The Howdy! I’m a Happiness Engineer peeps will probably be on hand later, and I probably should have troubled them with all this. I did not know that authors promote books via blogs. There is much that I do not know. Thank you for your time!!!


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