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Professional 'cellist/pianist, private Suzuki string instructor; ....former public school music teacher/childrens' drama coach; .... [ serious ] avocational writer.........background in graphic design/illustration.....influences: Lance Morrow; Garrison Keillor; Peggy Noonan; Erma Bombeck; James Kavanaugh; Billy Collins; Leonard Cohen; and, Alice Munro. Local eccentric, social loner, overdriven imaginator, speculator, and wisening woman. Thank you for reading. And, thank you, WordPress, for the whole thing.

Telling The Truth About PROJECTING!



©7/29/2020    Ruth Ann Scanzillo

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To Really Walk Away.

Epiphanies have been coming, fast and furiously, lately. Maybe it’s that Neowise comet — a rush of cosmic energy. Or, the newly introduced blend of acetyl-carnitine and citicoline. Whatever.

But, here’s another. Lean in.

I rarely walk away.

Having suction cups for intentions, tenacity for a middle name, and persistence as a driver, I’m pretty much hopeless when it comes to letting go.

To my mind – and, apparently, constitution – holding on is a soul purpose. Holding on equates with staying alive.

Perhaps it’s an ingrained fear of the water. I can remember in childhood feeling frantic the first time the sandy lake bottom escaped my feet. Large motor coordination a profound deficit, not knowing how to float let alone swim, and the pain in my arched neck as suffocating droplets teased my nose and gasping, gaping mouth…..then, somebody bigger, stronger, reaching out with a large, hairy arm or a smooth, slimy preserver……”Hold on! Just hold on! I’ve got ya!”

Water is life. Without it, we die. Except for when it finds its way into the places where we can’t let it go.

So, I’m a tenacious little bitch. I’m the barnacle on your back, the bug in your ear, the text(s) on your phone, the car in your driveway.

I’m there, just one more time, with just one more breath, one more pocket of air.

Take it, while you can. It’s you, or me.

Wear a mask.





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Telling the Truth About the TWO AMERICAS.


This is a Part 2, of sorts, born of Time To Lead the TWO AMERICAS – and serves as a PRIMER, expanding commentary using an x/y axis to address Utopia and the “Deep State” theory. CAPTIONS/SUBTITLES are REQUIRED to view the entire piece as presented. If you are using a PHONE, search your pull down/drop down menu to find the Caption activation button; if on a computer/laptop, look for “CC” in a white box across the footer of the video, and be sure it is underscored in RED. If it is not, click on the “CC” to activate the red underscore. Enjoy! and, as always, thanks for visiting

p.s. Neither plagiarism nor copyright violation is either intended or evident within the body of this video presentation with respect to “Scientology the cult of disbelief”, Daily Telegraph/Australia – Cazzolino, July 2007. The use of the subheading applies not at all to the Church of Scientology, and no reference thereto appears in the presentation.



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