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Professional 'cellist/pianist, private Suzuki string instructor; ....former public school music teacher/childrens' drama coach; .... [ serious ] avocational writer.........background in graphic design/illustration.....influences: Lance Morrow; Garrison Keillor; Peggy Noonan; Erma Bombeck; James Kavanaugh; Billy Collins; Leonard Cohen; and, Alice Munro. Local eccentric, social loner, overdriven imaginator, speculator, and wisening woman. Thank you for reading. And, thank you, WordPress, for the whole thing.

Personal Proverb #63.


Surround yourself with those capable of mutual respect. The rest can congratulate themselves.




©  Ruth Ann Scanzillo 11/11/17





You know, maybe, in the wake of the revelations regarding Harvey Weinstein, and the rush of women who have come forward, this strength in numbers might turn the tide. Maybe women will rise in human rank – whether in business, or the arts, or in politics – solely on the merits of their intellect, their talent, their resourcefulness, and their dedication to effort. Maybe those who have compromised themselves for the sake of advancement will at last be redeemed, and the best among us will finally reach positions of truly entitled power. And, that could very well change the world. Finally.





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Ads? on the Blog?



I recall that the site warned me there might be “ads in this space” – said space directly below the post, and before the comment section.

BUT – if I am PAYING $26 PER YEAR to OWN MY DOMAIN, why am I not being paid for the privilege of allowing these ads to appear?

Bloggers – SPEAK!

Thank you!

Ruth Ann Scanzillo, owner/author, 9/19/17