Just Do.

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Last week, Gary Viebranz said something striking. Now, anybody who actually knows Gary will find that statement amusing; indeed, he says something memorable every time he exhales air. The man is a comic legend.

But, beyond that. We were walking out of the Reed Union concert space, Penn State/Behrend following a wonderful performance by the Canellakis Brown Duo at his acclaimed “Music At Noon” Series last week (I missed today’s guests), and he said something to this effect: ” It’s nice when audiences appreciate performers, and performers appreciate audiences.”

I, of course, let being struck by that nestle in my ruminating lobe.

It’s funny. Have been almost embarrassed, as a fairly recent public blogger (just over a year and a half, this month) to admit how little I read published authors. Of equally awkward admission, having spent the past thirty years as a professional musician, I listen to far fewer fellow musicians than my colleagues. This is likely quite anomalous among performing professionals and writers. I do support them, and try to attend, but admit to finding what I need elsewhere.

Yes, I am devoted audience to two other art forms: drama, and dance.

Great acting absolutely fascinates me. I live for the story. Dance, equally so. Why? Oh, I love to dance, and had a blast taking some swing and salsa lessons; but, this scoliotic body, with these feet? Come on. I was definitely born to be audience in their room. And, when I am, nearly every moving image populates my imagination thereafter.

As for acting, well, I do dream. Would love to take a stab at a bit character. But, the sheer volume of memorized utterance is flummoxing; how they do it escapes me. Yet, what they do informs both how I think and what I create. To every single second of their offering, I am completely committed.

So, let’s just all relax. Stop the infernal, internal judging. If there’s a show, and you are busy creating, then you are where you belong. Be audience to just exactly whatever it is that feeds your fuel center. Take in what you need; then, go, and do. Please, do. Make something beautiful.

But, when you are the audience, immerse yourself. And, remember to appreciate your fellows, earnestly, even if it is in recording after the show. Locals, if you’ve never caught “Music at Noon” over at Behrend Campus, the quality is unsurpassed. Yes; even though some were born to write rather than read, to play rather than attend, just keep looking and listening.

And, then, like Yoda said: Just do.



p.s. While we’re at it: Actors and dancers: check out live music, in a genre unfamiliar. You might get some unexpected nourishment!

© Ruth Ann Scanzillo  3/1/16  All rights, please, to the author; however, sharing by ReBlogging and permission. Thanks so much.


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