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Copyright Statement.

Hello, Readers!

Since the Stats on this, my blog, have noticeably increased over the past 36 hours, I am moved to reiterate Copyright notice. I am a Library of Congress copyrighted writer, and established at the Writers’ Guild East under a pseudonym. With the exception of: photos, as indicated; ReBlogged posts, from other WordPress.com authors; quotes, as indicated; and, the poem my mother wrote about my father, all of the poems, essays, and proverbs in this blog are authored by me, and the photos and drawings created by me.

Thank you very much for reading! Should you wish to share, in whole or in part, any of my posts, please send your written requests to: littlebarefeet@msn.com

Yours in earnest,

Ruth Ann Scanzillo  – littlebarefeetblog.com




Debordesignsportfolio.com and publiclifeofbees.com  ( *the latter only searchable by typing in ” the public life of bees” rather than the compressed, no spaces between the letters, URL address), both WordPress.com sites, have been found by COPYSENTRY at COPYSCAPE.COM to have copied two of my pieces, “New York”, my actual About page (Ruth Ann Scanzillo), “Staying (Take 2)”, and “Two by Two, Times Two”.

In addition (according to Copyscape.com’s Copysentry ) these sites have copied from my pieces “Finals”; “Just Who Do You Think You Are?”; and, “Bumblebees”:  http://hawkinslibraries.org/events/http://picturesoffargo.com/http://oumakein.com/http://thilzycreates.com/http://welcometokaliyuga.com/http://thesoupboy.com/http://giovannihale.com/https://en.wordpress.com/tag/russian-immigrants/

Please avoid those WordPress.com sites, or join me in registering the complaint to WordPress.com

You might also comment at those sites, notifying that this action has been observed by Copysentry, so that the owners of these sites are aware that fellow bloggers are apprised.

ALSO: IF YOU ARE A VISITOR, who is neither a WordPress.com site blogger or a Facebook Friend of mine, you may have noticed that you cannot access my site beyond the home page. THIS may have been CAUSED by Copysentry, which, because I’d inadvertantly put my blog address in the box where I was to have placed the offender’s address, interpreted my complaint to be about my own address!?!

Thank you, readers!


Ruth Ann Scanzillo

author, and domain owner, of:  littlebarefeetblog.com


“Vedddy Intelesting……..but shhtupid.” *

* [ Rowan and Martin’s LAUGH-IN ]

About three days ago, I posted a scathing attack against blogger plagiarism.

Figured that, being the relative unknown, my pieces might have become an easy target for the lazy parasites begging for an effortless, if mediocre, grade in “Creative Writing.”

Perhaps I was right on that mark.

Today’s readership has been the lowest on record since November 11, 2014, the date I embarked on this bloggy journey. A grand total of 4 views in 24 hours.


At least, now we know.

Onward, soldiers.







© Ruth Ann Scanzillo


all rights, and I really mean it, those of the author.