ATTENTION FELLOW WORDPRESS BLOGGERS: and  ( *the latter only searchable by typing in ” the public life of bees” rather than the compressed, no spaces between the letters, URL address), both sites, have been found by COPYSENTRY at COPYSCAPE.COM to have copied two of my pieces, “New York”, my actual About page (Ruth Ann Scanzillo), “Staying (Take 2)”, and “Two by Two, Times Two”.

In addition (according to’s Copysentry ) these sites have copied from my pieces “Finals”; “Just Who Do You Think You Are?”; and, “Bumblebees”:

Please avoid those sites, or join me in registering the complaint to

You might also comment at those sites, notifying that this action has been observed by Copysentry, so that the owners of these sites are aware that fellow bloggers are apprised.

ALSO: IF YOU ARE A VISITOR, who is neither a site blogger or a Facebook Friend of mine, you may have noticed that you cannot access my site beyond the home page. THIS may have been CAUSED by Copysentry, which, because I’d inadvertantly put my blog address in the box where I was to have placed the offender’s address, interpreted my complaint to be about my own address!?!

Thank you, readers!


Ruth Ann Scanzillo

author, and domain owner, of:


23 thoughts on “Plagiarists??

    1. Hmm…, the website address is a foil, a cover, for wherever the deed is being done? I was able to go directly to the bees site, as titled, though……? and, I left a comment there, warning the site owner that Copysentry had found the copy of my work there.


        1. Actually, public life of DOES exist. But: you have to type the phrase ” public life of bees” into BING, not Google….and, then, you will see the website near the top of the search results. Google has so many other, prioritized sites that this one never appears in their results. It IS a real website, at – trust me. As for the other one, a page comes up, but it has no content except a couple, scant things in either Spanish or Portuguese…..? THE LINKS, HOWEVER, TO THE ACTUAL URL ARE BROKEN AND YIELD “PAGE NOT FOUND” RESULTS.


          1. It will take years to find it that way. But if you know where it is, simply copy the URL and paste it here so I can visit and see it for myself. Also, if you make a complaint to WordPress administrators, which is what you must do right now, please make sure to give them the link and not send them searching for it and guessing. Screen grabs of the Copyscape results would also be helpful. It is better to have WP suspend that account for violation of terms. If your readers go there and make comments, they might open themselves up to the same skullduggery that caused this whole mess in the first place.

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            1. SB, copying the URL and pasting it will result in a “Page Not Found” when you click on it. This, I cannot explain; rather, I only know it to be fact. When I typed “public life of bees” into BING, the website appeared at the top, or near the top, of the search results – and, when clicked on in THOSE results, opened right up to the site!


                1. Ruth Ann, I don’t have enough information to help you and I’m kind of under the crunch at the moment. Please ask AB. He might have better resources and more experience. Thank you.

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                2. I did. You are not responsible for solving this, dear heart. I’m sorry. I guess all this is in your reply thread alone. I’m either NOT there, when I need to be, or there when I should be elsewhere!! ((OO)) So sorry!


                3. I am only reading the comments that you are sending to me, through my notifications. I cannot see everyone’s reply as I do not visit your physical page to respond to your comments. But thank you for mentioning AB’s response. Again, you may ask WordPress to suspend that account because your blog content was copied. Incidentally, a similar thing has happened to me. Someone asked me about my collage techniques and then took credit for originating it while sharing it with someone. Now, the person is saying she is planning on going to art school. She has no depth, no range or balance. She does not know that you use water with acrylic paints. But never mind. For everything else, there is WordPress. I wonder how she is planning to build an admissions portfolio? My only defence is to make sure I display the physical projects in public and have the press photograph me next to it. Then, if she tries to forge my stuff, I can get her kicked out of art school. Believe me, I empathise with you wholeheartedly. However, in these cases, the burden of proof is always on the owner of the content. That is very sad but this is why I am encouraging you to take screen grabs so that your petition cannot be set aside. If I were right there, I would do that for you, but I’m not. So, please follow the steps and let someone with more knowhow help you.


            2. P.S. I DID write to Help immediately. All they did was reply with the link to their Troubleshooting page, which I know from experience sends one down a murky path of vague legal jargon.


  1. Have you notified WordPress about this issue?

    Also, I was unable to go to those sites for some reason. Can you put up the links to those sites?

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    1. Yes. I wrote to the ALSO: my student, who is NOT a blogger at WordPress, says that my site keeps shutting down!!! i THINK IT’S COPYSENTRY. They told me I put MY address in the wrong box at their template for reporting plagiarism, so they shut my site down from access. I told them how to correct it, but I don’t think they did!!!


  2. SUMMARY: I emailed immediately, at The reply I got was the standard, please go to this link and follow our FAQs – or, go to THIS link to report blah blah. The latter was where I ended up filling out some stock form that represented preliminary legal action, or something, which strongly suggested to me a dead end. SO, I went to CopyScape and tried to log in and tell them, instead, using their email template form. I await their reply.
    The ISSUE is that: When I click on the links that Copysentry sends me which, they say, have copied material from my posts, those links are either Pages Not Found or, in the case of the BEE PEOPLE, only searchable via BING alone.

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    1. It means the pages were deleted by the authors but the cached versions still exist. Technically, if they have removed the pages, the infraction is void. However, it does not mean that something can’t be done to stop this happening in future.

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        1. That person doesn’t have my physical copies. I painted some of those in a room full of people. I can justify evey colour choice. I know the chromatic value of every colour used because I use only one brand of paints. My receipts are digitally stored. What did she steal. Can’t identify two drops of water falling off my brush. Smart people are not a danger to society, RAS. It’s the ones who “don’t know” what they’re doing. A reader asked for a step by step painting post but I am very reluctant to do it because I’ll be giving that Cheaters Bazaar an education.

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          1. In my case, I don’t even know what was stolen — the first site, supposedly, took 34 words of a 1,000+ piece. The whole thing unnerves me, though…because I am, apart from a couple pieces appearing in our local paper, unpublished.

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            1. It’s distressing indeed. But you can prove you wrote them first by showing your editor console. It logs the dates and times of each edit. 34/1000 words is not a small amount. It is cynical. If the blog is already offline there is nothing you can do but please prepare for next time. Anyhoo, have to run. Chat later.

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