“Vedddy Intelesting……..but shhtupid.” *

* [ Rowan and Martin’s LAUGH-IN ]

About three days ago, I posted a scathing attack against blogger plagiarism.

Figured that, being the relative unknown, my pieces might have become an easy target for the lazy parasites begging for an effortless, if mediocre, grade in “Creative Writing.”

Perhaps I was right on that mark.

Today’s readership has been the lowest on record since November 11, 2014, the date I embarked on this bloggy journey. A grand total of 4 views in 24 hours.


At least, now we know.

Onward, soldiers.







© Ruth Ann Scanzillo


all rights, and I really mean it, those of the author.


19 thoughts on ““Vedddy Intelesting……..but shhtupid.” *

  1. Wow. I loved how you used the hymn to clock that last point. You have quite a lot of subscribers so even if bottom feeders don’t visit they’re getting data from email subscriptions? As I said bottom feeders won’t prosper. Incidentally an art student “discovered” my Flickr account and was very excited. I was only mildly alarmed at his brazenness. He called my work “shiny”. An art student with no aesthetic sense in college majoring in art. They let anyone in these days. At least I have my archives and a groovy thing called “technique”.

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    1. Archives. Does the blog automatically archive everything? I mean, I created an Index By Entry Date….does that qualify? Admittedly, I have the jargonian sophistication of a middle school rap enthusiast, but in all candor I need some clarif.

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          1. I hope their eyes fall out after stealing people’s work. There are blogs that regularly the art work of “friends” without giving credit. I couldn’t understand why people would ask me if I painted my own painting until I saw that. You’d think regular subscribers would not be that rude but I decided to publish my own disclaimer anyway.


            1. And, Ankit I think his name is from India said that the disclaimer isn’t worth steaming feekals. I really have no clue who has made off with my best scenes by now, but if anybody took yours you should get to the hardware store in the morning and stock up on flogging equipment. You should bind them all and publish them, without delay. P.S. And, even if all our best stuff is already been translated into some Brazilian dialect and published, at least we have Plato’s Groove and each other; according to all the psychologists, normal people only have at most three good friends, anyway.

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  2. Your paintings are vivid. And, arresting. And, right on it. And, moist primitives. That is my critique, aesthete that I yam. And, I am not even June Weir. But, she was my college roommate. And, I have been trying to pin her down ever since I saw that she made it all the way to Vogue. Her middle aged images don’t look much like the bubble butt kid from Portville, NY, but the one who lived in my room was always reading magazines and even SAID that her dream was to edit one of them. How can she not be one and the same, the fraternal twin of Anna Wintour, and I can’t even find her???!


  3. p.s. and, do you not know that it was your paintings and their captions that stopped me in my tracks?
    I can’t use language to describe visual art. Never could. So, please, be not offended by my prattle; I do not mean to diminish them, just because I can’t say any of the right things about them. You do with one brush stroke what Erik Satie does with one whole composition.


    1. Thanks so much. I feel first and then paint. This why the captions can present themselves. I’m glad you enjoyed them. I lacked inspiration for some time and could not paint but I am happy there’s some interaction with the Force. I consider any compliment from you a high one, RAS. Thank you so much again for your encouragement.

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  4. okay, your replies weren’t showing up in the thread here, even though I have no restrictions on approval. WordPress is wonking out. Ah; here they are now. Time to sleep. Have a beautiful Saturday in the Pacific!


  5. It COULD be that for those that subscribe, they saw the beginning part in the email and didn’t read it because it didn’t apply to them. I am nosy and interested and you are my cousin so I read it anyway, because I wondered why/how people would do that to you (protective of you maybe?). Anyway, that COULD be why. But then again……..it could be because you DO have thieves following you! Is there a way to see if you lost any subscribers that day? Just a thought……

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  6. More interesting, by the minute. Brazil trafficked my blog, again today, and this piece was opened. Perhaps somebody has made an entire career for the past five translating into Portuguese and even using my profile. But, like Sabiscuit said: I have the paintings.


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