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Happy Birthday, Dear.

Because my lunch is eaten

and there’s so much else to do

I’d rather sit and write

and pen a pithy note to you

. . . .

I will be neither goofy

nor quirky nor swarthy nor fine

I’ll say just what I must today

After you read this line

. . . .

(You said you cannot hear me? oh,

my thoughts are in between

the trite and quite superfluous

and silly stuff you’ve seen)

. . . .

So far, in our “relationship”

psychology would psay

we’ve psaid enough to fill the book

and lived another day

. . . .

Without the need to rectify

or double-back or take

a single touch or word

in some apology to make

. . . .

Because it’s what we have to be

that no one can control

that no one else can make or take

all nurtured by the soul

. . . .

We do and be according to

our wants and needs, how true

but who we are we have to be

not shade nor tint, but hue

. . . .

I want to love you, part or whole

but as you are, yourself

you bring to life just who you are

and, I will bring myself.





© Ruth Ann Scanzillo

5/92; modified 11/30/14

all rights reserved. Thank you, again.

The Nail Biter.

Circa 1989, revised 2014.

When I bite my nails

I can think about stuff

And, it really doesn’t matter

If I’m good enough

. . . .

When I bite my nails

I can do it myself

And, it really doesn’t matter

To that file on the shelf

. . . .

So, I bite my nails

And, they get really short

And, they don’t look “nice”

They’re the ugly sort

. . . .

And, each one is different

Not like the rest

Some are jagged, some are ragged

And, I always have a favorite

One that like the best.

. . . .

When I bite my nails

It really is a thing

Heavy thinking, and brain-storming

Integrating everything

. . . .

Even science has a theory

Mucophagy  can enhance

The immune system. Well


Let me take a chance

. . . .

At my own little posit:

Biting nails may provide

A similar protection

Try it sometime, you’ll decide

. . . .

Meantime, all I know is

Every finger that I use

Playing piano, playing cello

Channel-typing from my muse

. . . .

Seems particularly grateful

To be free of excess claws.

So, you can keep your manicure

And polish, see, because

. . . .

When I bite my nails

I don’t have to be

Anything, or anyone

Not even you







© Ruth Ann Scanzillo


all rights; ! would you claim this??