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RuthAnnTALKS© – The Series.


This is a series of videos produced for YouTube, created between August 1, 2019 – September 8, 2019. The links are presented in chronology, but you may select according to preference. Thanks for stopping by!


© 9/9/19    Ruth Ann Scanzillo.   All references to previously established theories, tenets, or publications are inadvertent and are duly acknowledged.


RuthAnnTALKS – Episode 5:

“The Painted Woman.”

In defense of vanity as art.


© 8/26/19   Ruth Ann Scanzillo.   Feel free to visit my YouTube channel (Ruth Ann Scanzillo), and thank you for respecting original material however tedious and redundant.

RuthAnnTALKS – Episode 1:

“Swipe Phones and Sunday Mornings”

Ruminations on devices of the past and present….


© 8/21/19     Ruth Ann Scanzillo.    Thank you for stopping by.   Please respect original material, in all its forms.

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