August 11, 1994

her neck was smoothe

and long below

the piquant chin

when she smiled and oh!

the depth in her eyes was ever so

but she had bad breath

and she did not know

. . . .

nobody knew

how deep the well

her passion sin

could never quell

yes, she would lure him from his shell

but her breath smelled


and she couldn’t tell

. . . .

“Too many nights

I’ve waited for you

Will you light my flame?

Is your arrow true?”

her cheek was hot

in his ear, her coo:

“…take my breath away…”

but she hadn’t a clue.

. . . .

Now, love is blind

and, ignorance bliss

swish, gargle, or floss

but, the point is this:

she sometimes thinks

of the nights she missed

when her husband tells her

in the middle of a kiss






© Ruth Ann Scanzillo


all rights reserved. Grazi.

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