Everybody who hasn’t formed a crystallized opinion on Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is likely busy doing so, this week.

I came in late, but hot; been binging as much as my eyes and ears will allow, with great consternation.

Replaying from the beginning, hearing Johnny first drew me into his POV. His tone and inflection singularly seductive, his face and frame the perfect decoration….What’s not to captivate, there?

Plus, once I could identify with his childhood trauma via my own partner of so many years, his story was easy to personalize – which always blurs the lines.

By harsh contrast, his contender’s countenance seemed alternately contrived, sullen, supercilious. So, imagine the cognitive dissonance in my head once Amber took the stand.

Yeah. That.

No need to reiterate what can be found in endless loop anywhere on the internet. You go; you see; you hear.

My doubts about whether the jury will have an easy time of it are growing. The evidence is a mountain – of noise. Horrid verbal onslaught; drunken slurry; accusation, retaliation, condemnation. Intractable situation.

Unless they’re in cahoots, creating this drama in collusion to boost their mutual bankability, to my seasoned senses they’ve burned each other’s wick down to vapor. There’s nothing left but hot wax.

Hope the jury can swim their way out of that pool.




© 5/9/22 Ruth Ann Scanzillo. All rights, you know the drill. Sharing by blog link, exclusively. No copying, no translating, no screen capturing……..Thanks.

4 thoughts on “HOT WAX.

  1. I doubt it is contrived or they are in cohoots; I have watched body language experts who have described in detail what they think, and Johnny appears genuine, Amber fake (my words). Time will tell. Great blog. Thanks, RA

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  2. Ha! They might just be in cahoots, but then again, cheap publicity at the cost of completely wrecking their careers is madness. The whole thing is a mess. To be honest, I think they’re both at fault. Sure Amber might be a little more devious, but I doubt if Johnny is completely innocent. Of course, the words I utter are blasphemous to the general public who’ve already chosen their heroes and villains. I used to visit your blog ages ago Ruth. I don’t know if you remember me. I hope you’re well.

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      1. I don’t remember exactly what we talked about, but we visited each other’s blogs. This was six or seven years ago. I managed to get a new blog with same domain name all these years later, and I find all my old subscribers!

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