Pride, not Prejudice.

I’m so happy and encouraged that everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, can feel loved and accepted now, at least in theory and, increasingly, by law.

Now, I hope that straight people and gay people alike can befriend, hire, promote, and even fire without regard for sexual identity.

Nobody ever likes to feel pre-empted because of sexual identity. Women hate it when men do it; men hate it when women do it; minorities hate it when majorities do it; majorities hate it when minorities do it; gays hate it when straights do it; straights hate it when gays do it.

Let’s choose our friends, our colleagues, our employees, our managers, our leaders, on inherent merit and value, alone.


Let’s at least try, and see if we can.


love XO,

Ruth Ann Scanzillo

© 6/30/19


3 thoughts on “Pride, not Prejudice.

  1. ‘Pride’ is only one of the many celebratory battles we collectively wage for our selves and our community. ‘Pride’ is one of the demands we make for ourselves. I love it. And if you’re a living breathing human, currently residing on planet earth – you should too. We (all) may not have won the war, but for those of us that feel the need to act out of necessity, we certainly wage on in battle. (Rainbow flag emoji) ❤

    P.S. #ChinesePride #ChinaStrong

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    1. As God is my witness, YOU should be writing every day and sharing to all the world. Nelson Mandela, via Marianne Williamson: “Who are you NOT to be beautiful, talented, and brilliant? Don’t hide your light….” Your personality radiates all this, but while people realize the depth of your soulfulness, the breadth of your intellect is waiting to astonish them. Please write!!!!!! ❤


      1. Thank you – I do enjoy writing, much more so than speaking. I can collect, ruminate and deliver. Honestly – my real aspiration is to learn as many other languages as possible. Our human condition demands so much more of us – as story tellers, as listeners and as archivers of truth.

        #ThereIsWorkToBeDone in #ThisBusinessOfLove I promise to continue as it feels right. After all, we all know the saying – “If it doesn’t feel right …” We need to continue to charge the machine/molecules/mechanism so that all things are born to this world with our spiritual DNA encoded within. (I know, I sound like Marianne Williamson now, right?) You must continue as well. Your voice brings light to corners forgotten – it is our legacy to #Remember. You are a shining light yourself RA. #ShineOn ❤

        I also have a twitter page @cybergrrrl – I tend to share a bit more there too. You can find me dancing between the ones and zeros. With any sort of luck, I'll always be here – ghost willing. 😉


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