SOCIAL MEDIA: It Was Supposed To Be A Party.


Dear Social Media:

[The ones who haven’t hidden my posts.]


It’s been 7 years. Is this the itch?

Here’s what I think of our relationship. (Like a good therapy patient, I’ve made two lists): Good Stuff and Not So Good Stuff.

Good Stuff:

  • Re-acquaintance with old friends, remote family, DNA determined ancestors, and former students;

  • New friends, some special and close;

  • Community Bulletin Board announcements, including:

          a.) “In a ‘relationship'”; b.) marriages, c.) births; d.) pet acquisitions; e.) deaths;

  • Photos and video of fine art, music, dance, soccer goals, and drama;

  • Promotion of performance based events;

Not So Good Stuff:

  • False picture of the social landscape in the real world;

  • Subconscious drive to “keep up with the Jones’s”;

  • Political proselytizing, not always fact-based;

  • Passive-aggressive verbal warfare;

  • Flat out braggadocio;

Consequently, each of us has unwittingly submitted to a cinematic characterization of ourselves that distorts public perception.

The Introvert, Extrovert and Ambivert: It’s a @#$% Party!

Introverts rarely post; they read, and draw conclusions. Extroverts enter one liners, then leave the house to actually go and be with their people. Ambiverts, caught between creating in print and communicating with intent, post excessively – leaving themselves wide open to extrapolation and interpolation, only to wonder why cliques shun them in public.

The Interpretation

We have come to interpret reactions to our persona on social media with far too much of the alternate angst, delusion, and regret. The Blocking Feature has been deadly, cutting off all hope of public reconciliation; it’s as if that 3 foot barrier in three dimensions has taken on an anti-gravity shield, distinct from any currently being employed by the alien civilization presently closest in proximity (sic) to earth.

And — how many of us knew it was just a @#$% party!?




© Ruth Ann Scanzillo  9/30/16    – All rights those of the author. Thanks!




3 thoughts on “SOCIAL MEDIA: It Was Supposed To Be A Party.

  1. I was interested to read your take on social media. I recognize a lot of the good and bad things you mention. I’m still on Facebook and Twitter, but I barely use them these days. I just find them too confusing and time-consuming. By far my favorite platform is WordPress. People’s posts stay available indefinitely, giving me a chance to catch up, there’s no limit on how long my comments can be, and generally speaking, WordPress users are polite and respectful. 🙂

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    1. Bun, I can safely say that my presence on FBK has become almost compulsive. In spite of recognizing the issues I list, I am there, every day. What to do? Pondering….! WordPress takes longer for me to access; when I log in, I am temporarily held up by the post that repeatedly comes up, instead of my Edit page, or someplace where I can immediately view what I want to see.


      1. Funnily enough, for me it’s the other way round. Accessing WordPress is very easy. I can get straight to my dashboard with a single click. (Actually, it may be two clicks. I do it all so automatically that I never think about it. Anyway, it’s very straightforward!) Facebook is the one I find a little troublesome. 🙂

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