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A woman learns to be vain.

She learns from the casual commentary of family women.  The subtle bias toward “fine” features, say, vs. the “coarse.” Certain preoccupations, even when the gift of beauty may be absent, with what constitutes an [ acceptably ]  “pretty” face or figure.

All things being generational, really, mine came of age parented largely by the cast of MAD MEN. But, our parents were a decade older than most, on account of having been married twice to one another. Dad was preferred barber to just about every flat top crew cut and Princeton in town and my mother, being the “seamstress”, dressed her only daughter like a paper doll almost weekly. Both parents served the art of vanity, at the top of their class.

So, it is with this preoccupation that I step gingerly into the blogosphere with, well, my live physical presence. Customarily fixated on hair, make up, and the fit of garment whenever the threat of a candid shot creeps into the mix, I present instead behind the relief of the protective costume of my music.

And, oddly, PhotoBooth, the filming program provided freely by Macbook.

Which is actually, for reasons only the developer can explain, stuck in reverse.

I love that irony. You will see me, for the first time, not as I am but as I see myself.

In the mirror.

Herewith the Courante, from the Unaccompanied Suite No.1 by J.S. Bach.

Played by your host, littlebarefeet.







YouTube channel : Ruth Ann Scanzillo    (still in its awkward, fledgling stage…)

© Ruth Ann Scanzillo   8/1/16   Thank you for listening.


10 thoughts on “Reflection.

  1. My goodness, you play beautifully! And you look absolutely marvellous too, what a nice quite room, nice outfit – you look great! Did I already mention? Oh, you ought to get a mic, the distortion the standard one is picking up is spoiling some of the sounds – (you must know this) you can get a mic cheap on eBay, I don’t know much about that, but I do have one I paid about £20. for 2nd hand, it would improve an otherwise very good performance, and what a jolly ditty it is! You belt it out – and you are remarkably pretty! I think I mentioned it before! 🙂 XX

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  2. You know, the distortion is more apparent in the transfer from PhotoBooth to QuickTime Movie to YouTube, I think…..I do hear it. But, as a straight vid in PB, it’s not so noticeable. Muffled, sort of squeezy….I know….I had to go YouTube in order to transfer to SoundCloud, but now I’m not so sure I even want to do that. I think I made the mistake of leaving my attached speaker active, too…a cheapy, $25 clip on…ah, well. Ever the prole, I am!!

    This was such a spontaneous thing, doing this recording. I didn’t primp or even set my hair….hence, the Preamblious Disclaimer. And, it truly is a backwards image – who plays cello with the left arm?? I don’t know anybody. There was a violinist who played in the Buffalo Symphony for years, who was a leftie, and that always disturbed the visuals so much, I thought, as a kid.

    But, as always, thank you for visiting and, now, listening. There’s more where this came from, but I think I’ll do them right and present them together. With, of course, the right hair and clothes, because I am, after all, vainglorious.

    Didn’t go to drawing class, tonight. Stuck all morning doing doctor’s appts, one of which was a 12 hr fast that I mistakenly thought was a draw at the regular lab, sitting there in insulin shock for nearly an hour, upper lip sweating, only to call the doc’s office asking again for the FAX and then FINALLY the light coming on and realizing it had already been sent – to LabCorps (my bro the chemist gave me a coding to get my LDL particle size and density tested, not covered by insurance but I am springing for it, anyway, cuz I wanna know). Began my day at 9:30 and didn’t get gome from these til 2:30. STARVING OUT OF MIND. Thereafter, more practicing for the floating stage this weekend, which is still commanding my procrastinating attention from the other room. BIG hurricanes and tornadoes threatening multiple states, relatives, friends….I have the Weather Channel underscoring the whole endeavor.

    I did send a note along to the classmates, just so they know my absence has nothing to do with the drawing label posting confusion.Somebody is bound to roll eyes, anyway; people love to rotate their orbs about me. I’m betting even the delivery room nurses did the moment I burst forth.

    I love your disclosures and ruminations; hope to receive one to cap my evening!
    XO – R.A.


  3. Ha, well I never noticed the mirrorism! How peculiar that the PhotoBooth software does that! I can really see it more now when I noticed the cello is strut back to front!! Ha,ha, fair point! I would have assumed you were left handed, tho in all honesty, it hadn’t crossed my mind – I should imagine someone could do a good comedy film about a violinist or cellist who played left handed and caused massive orchestral tangles!!!! Sort of thing Norman Wisdom might have starred in!

    Yes, I’m not very familiar with sound and recording, I anted to record my voice as narrator for an animation I was doing a decade or so ago, thats when I bought my mic, hardly used it, hence didn’t get far – I have found that youtube does strange things to footage when its uploaded – I used Apples (free) iMovie for a recent effort, its pretty easy to use, but then when it uploads directly to youtube, while you are guaranteed it will work, you won’t know what it will do to it till you view it online.

    One way round this is to export it and compress it yourself in quicktime, but then you might be there all day trying different settings (googling best settings for youtube helps) but even then its no picnic.

    Soundcloud has been pretty good at not destroying audio in my experience. In truth, I haven’t had problems with utube audio so much as with the video quality, how or why I don’t know!

    I for one would love to view more videos and hear more music, its wonderful to see and hear you in action! I checked out you utube channel, loved the Apres un Reve, very beautiful! Also, the red nose thing your doing there! You’re clearly a bit nuts!

    Oh, I just found a solution for your video flip! Seems like its quite easy to change the settings! Have fun at the weekend on your floating stage, hope no one rolls their eyes and you all stay afloat!! XX

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    1. Thanks, OF, for the well wishes! Meantime: I didn’t know how else to reformat the PhotoBooth/QuickTime Player recording directly to SoundCloud without passing thru YouTube. Even iTunes didn’t seem to want to accept it. Garageband goes directly to iTunes, but not the Booth. Hmmm……if it’s easy to change the mirrored settings at the Booth, I haven’t seen the tab for it? and, probably not possible once the video is already done?

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      1. Thats an interesting one, can’t do it in iMovie – can’t do it in quicktime 7, but if you have quicktime 10.4 you can, open it up and go edit menu, and you can easily flip horizontal – also, if you go to File, Export, and select AIFF, it creates a sound file (no video) which is good quality, (same as CD versions) and you can upload that to soundcloud – its way smaller than any video, so it goes quick and easy!

        If you don’t know how to save a video from Photo Booth for later editing, these kids show how!! 🙂

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        1. So…..for a vid already processed, none of this would work, right? (sorry; I have a concert tomorrow, and still have woodshedding to do….) And, if I upgrade my QuickTime, would all my vids in the old version transfer over, or would I lose them, or is there a transfer process to follow in order not to lose them? (I’m not a “consult the manual” type….kinda lazy….plus, the music on the docket, yeah, preoccupied today…..Thanks, OF. I’ll get to it. Your advice is the only of its kind anyone has offered, and I reallly appreciate it. Wish I could chat, but not until after tomorrow nite, I’m afraid. XO

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          1. This could be quite a complicated answer – and I’m not very good at bullet points but I’ll do my best!

            You can’t flip it in Photo Booth when its already processed no, but you could save it out of Photo Booth and the change it, but you need quicktime 10.

            If the video is still stored in Photo Booth, you could save it to the desktop and then flip in using quicktime

            You may already have quicktime 10, if you open QT and select “About Quicktime Player” it will tell you what version you have, or else just go to Edit menu, and scroll down and see if flip horizontal, flip vertical, etc, is listed.

            I have 2 versions of Quicktime, both versions work just the same, I just keep the old one as it works with some other older software I have.

            Hope this helps! Chat soon ! XX

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