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A woman learns to be vain.

She learns from the casual commentary of family women.  The subtle bias toward “fine” features, say, vs. the “coarse.” Certain preoccupations, even when the gift of beauty may be absent, with what constitutes an [ acceptably ]  “pretty” face or figure.

All things being generational, really, mine came of age parented largely by the cast of MAD MEN. But, our parents were a decade older than most, on account of having been married twice to one another. Dad was preferred barber to just about every flat top crew cut and Princeton in town and my mother, being the “seamstress”, dressed her only daughter like a paper doll almost weekly. Both parents served the art of vanity, at the top of their class.

So, it is with this preoccupation that I step gingerly into the blogosphere with, well, my live physical presence. Customarily fixated on hair, make up, and the fit of garment whenever the threat of a candid shot creeps into the mix, I present instead behind the relief of the protective costume of my music.

And, oddly, PhotoBooth, the filming program provided freely by Macbook.

Which is actually, for reasons only the developer can explain, stuck in reverse.

I love that irony. You will see me, for the first time, not as I am but as I see myself.

In the mirror.

Herewith the Courante, from the Unaccompanied Suite No.1 by J.S. Bach.

Played by your host, littlebarefeet.







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