Policy Vs. Procedure.


Ever submit to surgical anesthesia?

Ever been given options, like conscious sedation vs. deep?

Did you know that some medical practitioners defy stated policy, without disclosing to the patient? They do. Patient selects conscious sedation; doctor orders deep sedation, using a cocktail of Versed and morphine.

I know of one such case. Cardiac. When the patient died during the procedure, the doctor was thereafter dismissed from the surgical department. He moved to another state, and resumed practicing.

But, how common is this procedure vs policy practice?

And, how might such a thing be investigated?

Patients cannot gather any proof. How could they? They’re out – either cold, or partially so.

Scary stuff.







© 2/8/19   Ruth Ann Scanzillo.



10 thoughts on “Policy Vs. Procedure.

    1. Oh, yes, OF. Lost yet another loved one, loved by my BF/not known personally to me…..the flu/ likely pneumonia/sepsis……just one onslaught, after another, and I thought it would end in 2018. But, this is a bit of insight about which I think all potential surgical patients should be made aware. I was shocked to hear about it.


      1. Yep. Used to get panic attacks when something would be going on with Mom (trip to ER, hospital, etc.), but since she has passed the only thing that triggers one is medical things. And I know it is because once you enter that OR or procedure room, you’ve lost control of what happens to you. And that scares the hell outta me and there is NOTHING that can be done about it because if you need surgery, you need surgery.

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