Life Drawing 2016


First reclining nude, ERIE OPEN FIGURE SESSIONS  8/25/16

© Ruth Ann Scanzillo   8/25/16 – Please. Thank you so very much for viewing, but please do not share this image. You may share my blog address, just not the images independently. Thank you, again.

3 thoughts on “Life Drawing 2016

    1. This girl is just beautiful. And, I didn’t capture her likeness at all. Nose is too long. Using a conte style charcoal, can’t control it for such tiny detail; meant for the gesture stuff, which you’ll find in “Figuring.” But, her mouth is represented, and yes; her hair. And, the countenance, which startled me. Her hair is dark brown, naturally curly, and her face is perfectly symmetrical. Oh; and, her body is totally proportioned. You’d salivate. Very dreamy. A girl can admire, and wish for younger days….and, symmetry……..

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      1. We had to do life drawing every week thru art school – 4yrs of it! I think my best work was what I did outside of art school just drawing without worrying about the score, my drawings were ok, but never top of the class. There was a girl who had such a sensitive line, it was as good as anything I ever saw anywhere, she wasn’t good at anything else, so she submitted her drawings for her degree – she came out ok, but amazingly, I slaughtered her, (not intentionally) just the adjudicators liked the garbage I did in that year – weird! 😉

        I love nudes and drawing them, but they never posed like the girls in the Klimt paintings! 😀 Perhaps just as well 😀


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