Well, Gratitude.

Dear Readers, and Fellow Bloggers,

Please, know that I am so grateful for your private readings, and your Comments, and your Likes. Commenting with several of you has really made our relationships feel like friendships, of a sort; I imagine meeting up with all of you, someplace centrally located, you know, like…. um, well… I guess…Turkey.

But, the Likes are the subject of this post.

It isn’t always easy to express thanks for Liked posts, as some blog sites are designed in ways which make access less convenient. But, I really am glad whenever anybody clicks one, and want you all to know this.  Not as frequent a reader as other bloggers, I do, nevertheless, realize when I do read how much poetic pith is really out there to be enjoyed.  Thank you for following my work, and caring to make your efforts known to me.

Enjoy your own writing. Be encouraged whenever you know that you have said something meaningful, or important; this is, after all, the real reason we do this, isn’t it?


Ruth Ann


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