Social media is the place to go to find what is missing in your life.

You find it.

Somebody else has it, but — you find it.


Yep; there it is.






© Ruth Ann Scanzillo



9 thoughts on “FBK

  1. I agree that social media is the place to go to find what is missing in our lives. For example, the support of the people who I rely on isn’t there, so I need to ask total strangers what they think.

    There is no such thing as depriving friends and family of support to “teach them to be humble.” People aren’t humble because they lack attention; they’re humble because they have good souls. I have lots of friends who are popular and well sought after. When it gets to their heads, I’ll sit back because they’re not accustomed to being told, “good job.”

    Sometimes just one person telling them that all the time would have inured them to the needing attention. Others just do it because it’s a job and they have to. They give back as much as they receive so there is balance in the Force. Not everyone is a preening priss. Others must do it to get over the heartbreak of feeling like the most unattractive, the most repulsive, the most cold blooded woman ever, when they fall in love with someone.

    After someone breaks your heart badly, the thing to do is overcompensate. When your parents can’t deal with you, because they’re too busy fighting, the thing to do is overcompensate. But it would kill some people, who call themselves friends, to support you. It doesn’t matter how hard you work, tFriends are afflicted with chronic selectivitis. All of a sudden, nothing is good enough for them. Their standards are so high. When I’m on the receiving end of that nonsense, I feel a tension in my shoulders. Oh, no. Not again, a TAKER.

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      1. No. I’m not there and Jamaican bloggers seem to scorn my blog for some reason. It’s not for lack of trying. The flag didn’t show up in my stats and I checked yesterday so it’s not from my end.

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