The Owner.

We live in prophetic times.

You think you are free to speak? Think, again.

This blog post will include two video links. Both of them represent presentations I recorded and subsequently uploaded to YouTube for broadcast on my channel to which, if you are a regular subscriber to this blog, you have already been introduced.

For each of these I received “Strikes.” According to the Tube’s algorithms, the content of each violated both their Community Standards and their Medical Standards, for the former suspect of containing “scam, deceptive practices, or spam” (imagine that!) and, the latter, information related to health and wellness which could “cause harm”.

In both cases, I was stunned – and, chilled, by memories of Nazi tyranny and similar types of oppression employing subversive surveillance.

In both cases, I was offered the option to Appeal and, in both cases, my submitted Appeals were rejected. At this point, due to the second Strike, I am forbidden from posting, commenting or uploading any content to my channel for one week.

Here are three URL links to the videos which were stricken from my channel; the second (a mere 47 second intro clip) contains no cover image, so it appears only as a link with no accompanying image. I have edited them not at all, merely recorded them on my phone for re-upload via Bluetooth. The audio/video quality is poor, but their content can be absorbed. Please turn your Volume up, or wear a headset for better audio transmission. After viewing, feel free to comment as to the nature of their content in the Comment option below this post. Thank you.

Protect American rights.


And, next: the following INTRO clip about Dr Kuhn’s Copper masks (click the link):

And, FINALLY, the REST of the video covering Dr. Kuhn’s Masks, as well as my covid protocol.

Thank you for viewing these videos, and for preparing your commentary for entry below the post. You don’t have to have a WordPress account to comment; just choose the email address option, or other options as they appear below the Comment block. Thanks, again !!!

© 5/19/2021 Ruth Ann Scanzillo

2 thoughts on “The Owner.

  1. Just watched/listened. I have scoliosis but have never done anything except exercise, stretches and chiropractor. Interesting story, but what can they do for it, RA? I also have major osteoporosis and cannot take medicines. So, again, I still “trot” and started to lift weights again. We are all different and exercise has been my salvation. Possibly it would help you if you are not already engaged in some form of it.



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    1. Ah. You must’ve watched The “Scoliosis” Code, and then commented under The Owner. I get it. Well, the surgeons at NYPresbyterian CAN perform surgery to straighten scoliosis; my friend, oboeist Joan Wright, had it done and swears it to be life changing. But, to qualify, yours has to be greater than 50? degrees, I think; mine is only 30 and, by the time it progresses into qualifying range, I’ll be on Medicare and no coverage will pay the $$$ bill. But, my surgeon might be able to help me, so I await the second EOS imaging appt in early June. Will keep you posted, if you’d like to learn more?

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