It matters how you say it.
President Trump’s voice still rings in my ears. Only now I’m hearing him over my landline phone, in recording, talking about panic.

Never once, in any of those phone conversations between himself and journalist author Bob Woodward, does Trump reference the people.

“I didn’t want to create panic.”

Remember those Mad Libs – the game with adjectives, nouns, adverbs, objects of the preposition left purposefully blank, game participants asked for random terms to be entered, creating uproariously hilarious nonsensical outcomes?

Let’s fill in all the blanks. There’s a clause missing.

“I didn’t want to create panic_______[ in the stock market! ].”

There. That fits the narrative.

He doesn’t care about people. Or, lives. Or, death statistics. He only cares about the bottom line.

And, that makes me panic.




© 9/10/2020 Ruth Ann Scanzillo.

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