Telling the Truth About the TWO AMERICAS.


This is a Part 2, of sorts, born of Time To Lead the TWO AMERICAS – and serves as a PRIMER, expanding commentary using an x/y axis to address Utopia and the “Deep State” theory. CAPTIONS/SUBTITLES are REQUIRED to view the entire piece as presented. If you are using a PHONE, search your pull down/drop down menu to find the Caption activation button; if on a computer/laptop, look for “CC” in a white box across the footer of the video, and be sure it is underscored in RED. If it is not, click on the “CC” to activate the red underscore. Enjoy! and, as always, thanks for visiting

p.s. Neither plagiarism nor copyright violation is either intended or evident within the body of this video presentation with respect to “Scientology the cult of disbelief”, Daily Telegraph/Australia – Cazzolino, July 2007. The use of the subheading applies not at all to the Church of Scientology, and no reference thereto appears in the presentation.



© 7/22/2020   Ruth Ann Scanzillo.   The presentation above is original created material, and viewers are asked to respect that fact. Please do not extract, copy, transform, or translate in part or whole any of its contents without credit to source. You are free to share the YouTube link, as you wish.


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