A Crisis of Childishness.



The term itself is Germanic in derivation and, I believe, the concept as well.

Children, able to be separated from their parents for a single school day, brought together in groups according to their chronological age to be led by a competent adult, because socialization is considered vital to the success of an earthly civilization.

I remember what we did in Kindergarten. The year was 1962. Mrs. Williams’ room was the largest one at Lincoln School, with the bay window where the painting easels stood.  We each had a spot on the rug, sat cross legged, and faced her laced up shoes as she stood in front of us. We always opened each morning with a song, then the day of the week and the weather. We always made pictures, had a nap, played games and ate a snack.

But, beyond all this, a sentient sage compiled all the things that made it truly important and put them onto a lovely poster: “Everything I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten”. Herewith, a couple I’d like to add to that list:

a.) Keep your hands to yourself.

Goodness. Need we say more?

b.) Be kind.

How about:

c.) Tell the truth.

Are there any questions?

Does everybody understand?

Over the past couple of decades, I have watched the nation I call my own collapsing into a puddle of human depravity. This has made itself manifest in the form of fundamental behaviors we used to tell children were unacceptable.

Grown ups, touching each other inappropriately, but with sophisticated persuasive tactics that would make a chemist blush. And, then, going to equally intricate lengths to scrub out the crayon mark tracks they leave behind.

Alleged adults, grasping after power over one another’s things, taking what doesn’t belong to them with such drooling greed that even the 5 year olds would stop, stare, and wag an admonishing finger.

Moreover, the leader of our country, who is supposed to be the model for doing what is right, paying money to keep quiet those who would tell on his bad behavior to the people and then saying to everyone that, even though a girl said a man didn’t keep his hands to himself, we should let him into the little club where they make all the rules for good behavior for the whole country.

In fact, just today, all the leaders of the other countries laughed at him.

I don’t know about you, but I am embarrassed.

I’m mortified.

I suspect the Chancellor of Germany is appalled.

Our country is remedial. We need a retake, and a redo. We could do well to start over. Before we know it, the bell will ring, and school will be out.




© 9/25/18   Ruth Ann Scanzillo. All rights those of the author, whose name appears above this line. Thank you.




3 thoughts on “A Crisis of Childishness.

  1. Oh, OF. This is the truest “I can’t even” in recent memory. The Republicans elected him, principally because of the open Supreme Court seats. This was at the heart of their entire mob “hit”. And, because they wanted to shift (and, control) the direction of social thought, they overlooked every single character flaw he continues to demonstrate daily. The issue has become one of morality vs tyranny, in place of democracy. (I just ate; maybe I’m not making any sense, right now.) But, it’s a real paradox; how can I support a crude, vulgar, narcissistic, shrewd, blowhard even if I think that birth control is the preferred method of preventing unwanted pregnancy instead of abortion? Anyone could argue that the Supreme Court had been dominated by political liberals for quite awhile, but why should the Supreme Court be politically driven, ever at any time?! Or, is that really what it’s all about? Is the Supreme Court really in place not to judge cases that have exhausted the lower courts, but to change the course of society? If the latter, then I wonder what our world will look like if/when I reach the 9th decade??

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    1. I think that when the sh*t hits the fan, the old guard come to the fore – not even sure that time has come, but they are always there waiting behind the scenes for the opportunity. The left is rarely elected here, its why we’re leaving Europe, mind boggling stupidity imo!


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