You know, maybe, in the wake of the revelations regarding Harvey Weinstein, and the rush of women who have come forward, this strength in numbers might turn the tide. Maybe women will rise in human rank – whether in business, or the arts, or in politics – solely on the merits of their intellect, their talent, their resourcefulness, and their dedication to effort. Maybe those who have compromised themselves for the sake of advancement will at last be redeemed, and the best among us will finally reach positions of truly entitled power. And, that could very well change the world. Finally.





© 10/27/17 Ruth Ann Scanzillo


3 thoughts on “Finally.

  1. The problems are ingrained and will be incredibly difficult to shift, especially in politics, where madness seems to reign as far as I can see it’ll take more that a 360 about turn – more of a re-birthing! But who knows? Humans are remarkable! 🙂

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    1. YES. But, why can’t sex just be an art form, rather than a power grab (npi?!) I find it pathetic that men (and, women) need to use it to enhance their own sense of control over others. These must not really enjoy it, or even get any satisfaction in relationships.

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      1. I was getting a tyre fitted this morning, this woman came in, really pretty, with her young daughter, also very doll-like – when the mother went to go round the back and find a mechanic to help her, the daughter was too scared to go into the mens area with her! Guys are just so rough and ready, and women so shy and delicate, I think the fashion and beauty industry is selling false hopes and dreams, and while we are all enjoying the view, no one is getting anywhere, or at least its not helping!

        I think that the vast differences are being accentuated to the point where communication is hampered, we’re in 2 camps, across a river, or rather a ravine! What a shame, what a waste!


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