Can’t Search for my Own Blog Posts!




Anybody else having this problem?

I type a title of a known blog piece of mine into my own “Can’t Find the Poem or Essay You Seek?” which is my own blog Search bar located in the footer of my homepage and, when I click to activate the search, the page that comes up is TOTALLY BLANK.

It’s been going on for about a week. Furthermore, the blank page that appears has, in its address bar, the triangular exclamation point warning icon next to the Microsoft green padlock, and hovering over that yields: ” verified by”  Huh?!

In fact, the problem is getting worse. Last week, when I would go back and re-enter the title in the same search bar, and click on it, the piece would subsequently appear as if nothing unusual had happened. BUT – as of a few minutes ago, my repeat attempt yielded the same result: TOTALLY BLANK, WHITE PAGE.

THIS means that I cannot search for my own piece. And, it makes me wonder if visitors are also being prevented from searching for pieces by title using my provided Search bar.

And – I own my site page. I paid the $26 for the domain address privilege.

Please comment if you have been experiencing this glitch, or if you have figured out what has caused it in the past. Thanks!    Ruth Ann Scanzillo









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