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My Chinese Readers.


I’m grateful for any followers of my blog.

Since I have had Chinese music students, in the past, I’m wondering who is following my blog from China. Might you introduce yourselves? I am having trouble ascertaining who from among my followers list is hailing directly from China. Are you also musicians?

Please enter a comment, below this blog entry, so that I know your name(s).

Thank you!



© 11/19/2020 Ruth Ann Scanzillo.

One Dry Sabbath.


Well, goodness.

How were we to know that being panned for an entire Saturday in late summer would render this self – involved blogger intensely concerned that she had offended, what, an entire following collective with just one, indirect reference to a specific national heritage*?

Having toyed with taking a more brazen stance, I’d opted instead for a sort of meandering through device and subtlety, just seeing where one word would direct the next. My intentions were almost too much, even for me to face; addressing the whole thing under veil of inference was somehow safer.

So much for safe. Haven’t we been preoccupied by safe, for the better part of the last fifteen years?

I mean, I could have done the simple thing. I could have said that I’d seen a boy again whom I’d adored from a distance at a tender phase of life, a boy who, in genuine appreciation for my having jumped to the Coda precisely when he did, went the extra step and had a bouquet of flowers delivered to his accompanist’s door.

But, that would have been just too naked.

I couldn’t expose a man who’d attended an Ivy league school, been married for years, sired three sons, established a successful professional practice, and then returned home to say goodbye to his father. Rather, waxing on and off and on again about his character, and how it was sourced, with bits about how much I honored him for everything his gesture represented at a time when I couldn’t have known how pivotal such an act would be to me in my own life? That seemed almost worthy.

So, yeah.

I saw a boy again. And, it was nice. And, I wanted it to mean something. But, of course, it could only mean what it was. Just a nice little chat, at his father’s wake. Not some treatise on the comparative theological value of Judaism. Not the apologist’s view of the Jewish character from a Gentile-based mentality. No study of social construct; no mask for ulterior motivation. Just a little visit, with the boy who played Sabre Dance on the xylophone in 1974.

Call me some kind of bigot; I really have no defense. I do not know the meaning of “Anti-Semitism.” If you think you do, then by all means, judge me and cast me off.

Otherwise, have a nice, dry Sabbath evening.




*Twelve Pink Carnations.


© Ruth Ann Scanzillo  8/6/16  All rights those of the Gentile girl who wrote the piece, whose story it is, and whose name appears above this line.  Thank you for your mercy.


Can’t Search for my Own Blog Posts!




Anybody else having this problem?

I type a title of a known blog piece of mine into my own “Can’t Find the Poem or Essay You Seek?” which is my own blog Search bar located in the footer of my homepage and, when I click to activate the search, the page that comes up is TOTALLY BLANK.

It’s been going on for about a week. Furthermore, the blank page that appears has, in its address bar, the triangular exclamation point warning icon next to the Microsoft green padlock, and hovering over that yields: ” verified by”  Huh?!

In fact, the problem is getting worse. Last week, when I would go back and re-enter the title in the same search bar, and click on it, the piece would subsequently appear as if nothing unusual had happened. BUT – as of a few minutes ago, my repeat attempt yielded the same result: TOTALLY BLANK, WHITE PAGE.

THIS means that I cannot search for my own piece. And, it makes me wonder if visitors are also being prevented from searching for pieces by title using my provided Search bar.

And – I own my site page. I paid the $26 for the domain address privilege.

Please comment if you have been experiencing this glitch, or if you have figured out what has caused it in the past. Thanks!    Ruth Ann Scanzillo