ALLERGY ALERT: Ragweed [ source of “hay fever” ] is a member of the same family as: chrysanthemums; marigolds; and, feverfew* (“Bachelor’s Buttons”.)

*Aha. Some anti-migraine nasal sprays contain capsaicin, alright, and peppermint….but, also contain: feverfew.

All of these pollens are virulent r.i.g.h.t..n.o.w. in the Great Lakes region, and beyond.

NATURAL ANTIDOTES against “hay fever”: Apple Cider Vinegar w/water (not straight!); Chamomile; and, local honey. Also, apples, non-hairy berries (the hair captures the pollen, in season), red grapes, red onions, capers, and black tea. Hot peppers contain capsaicin, which can also be included.


So, if you’re headed out to mail your taxes, prepare ahead – !

Breathe freely!






Ruth Ann Scanzillo   4/15/16


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