Sit very, very still.


You’ll be amazed at how many forces you feel, affecting your self.

Let them wash toward you. Name them. Individuals, competing directly against you, for power of place, for power of ownership, for power of mind.

Persons. One, at a time.

They may represent ideologies. They may embody dogma. They may simply be about raw greed, or a perceived need for vengeance or pre-eminence.

But, they are not borne in you.

The moment you first appeared on the earth, most of their names were unknown. And, if they were known to anyone, the lives they represented did not yet affect any aspect of yours. Not in that moment.

Wait until all of them have been named.

Then, feel the silence which ensues.

Sit in it.

In that silence, you will regain your Self.

Begin, right there.





© Ruth Ann Scanzillo  10/5/15

All rights those of the author, whose name appears above this line. Sharing permissible by request. Thank you. Inspired by Tal Varon.

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