Today was peak performance day for the Flame Maple, visible through my living room window. And, true to form, the sun and breeze played outside!
Here’s how stunning the sun pours through, full on…
……note how the cam “sees” a turquoise sky when the light is less direct….(!)
(…..how much I want to nest in this living thing…..)
And…..best news, of all? The little house, colored by this beauty, is v.a.c.a.n.t. Come; live, where I can see you from my window!
....P.S. FULL SUN!
….P.S. ……FULL SUN !



© Ruth Ann Scanzillo, photographer  10/5/15

All rights reserved. Sharing by written request. Thank you!


4 thoughts on “Flame!

    1. Thank you, Lynz! This tree is a real sleeper. The only one on the block, its shades begin with greys and wine reds, almost hiding in an overcast dullness. But, on peak day: the flame ignites! As I ran down to catch the final image in full sun just now, the girl across the street exclaimed: ” I’ve never even noticed it before!”

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