Encouraging Thunder Award

Many thanks to GentleKindness  (Annie!)  for nominating me for the Encouraging Thunder Award!

I nominate, in turn, the following truly outstanding writers, earnest thinkers, and compassionate souls:





Dean J Baker – Poet

I of July

Nitin  / if only

Good Music Speaks

Ogden Fahey

abyssbrain – Mathemagical

Matt Hollingsworth

The V-Pub



Glittering Afterthoughts

These bloggers, so nominated, must nominate between 5 and 15 other fellow bloggers. Them’s the rules of the game, kids!  Now…..WHERE is that..link….??

Am not sure that I am doing this correctly, i.e. getting the noms out there without using the template provided, but I wasn’t able to get into that template anyplace using the link. Can somebody re-direct me, if this is something necessary to the process? Thank you!

Yours in thought,


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