The First Pro-Biotic in the World.

Patty McPeak’s “24/7” — the best meal supplement on earth. At its core: predigested stabilized rice bran. Digestive enzyme blend; all the B vitamins; A, C and D in liberal supply; essential minerals. Mix 2 scoops of the powder with almond milk and one banana, plus berries to taste – for a complete, tasty shake in a meal. NANACEA.COM

I remember the first time I saw Patty McPeak. Late night Infomercial trolling, the usual product drone….but, wait. Who was this energetic, little woman talking about wanting to end world hunger??

She seemed out of her element in the world of scam barkers. (In fact, I would find out years later that the very host of her Infomercial had been found guilty of misrepresenting something on his network and forced off the air). I listened to her. She spoke about this rice bran with such passion and earnest intensity. She lacked the usual panache and smoothe talk you expect from snake oil salesmen; this woman really meant what she said. She was the real thing!

Well, tonight, I spoke with her on the phone. Yes; she actually called me back. And, she took the time to tell me the w.h.o.l.e story. The woman who introduced the term “pro-biotic” to the WORLD actually talked to me for twenty-five minutes!

Yes. After nearly a decade of fighting back against suppression, against betrayal – the whole nine yards – she is about to launch Neutraceuticals – her complete product line – once again.

You can find her basic meal replacement product, “24/7” at

I’m serious.

You can trust her.

Just like you have come to trust me – R.A., the author of this blog.

On behalf of Patty — thanks!  Go order her “24/7” – and, check out the rest of her product line.




Ruth Ann Scanzillo  7/8/15

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