Co-operative Inspirations.

We are just showered with good stuff around here.

Picked up a line caught Alaskan salmon filet and a delectable dessert at our local, member-owned, Whole Foods Co-op tonight. Herewith, beginning with a reduction already sitting in the pan from the night before:

Wild, line caught Alaskan salmon (WFC), steamed in a day-old reduction of the juices of organic broccoli, green peas, and Hilary’s Root Veggie patty, splashed w/ white vinegar, adding capers and sliced red onion; after five +? or so minutes, removed filet from pan and roasted for eight minutes at 450 o; then, poured the reduction lightly over the salmon. Liberally added freshly ground black pepper, and served. Wished you were here.

Flourless chocolate pie (WFC), baptized in fresh, flash boiled & simmered red raspberries.WildCaught SalmonZOOM2015ChocolateFlourless:Raspb2015

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