Wood You Help?

These are photos of my newly refinished oak floor. Even tone, surface texture smoothe. Three coats of oil based polyurethane later, these large gaps in the slats have emerged across the space. The workers have yet to stop by to see it. I paid them cash, in full, for the work – and, then, this happened.

Anybody out there with expertise in this area? What would you do next?





5 thoughts on “Wood You Help?

  1. R.A. A great example of why should pick an established company, use a credit card or pay half up front and the rest the following month. So sorry you seem to have been victimized. The profession of home remodeling has more than it’s share of scoundrels!

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    1. Lenny, these guys actually do good work. I was very happy with the quality of the coloration, surface texture, etc. Turns out the wood may have opened up after sanding because of the temp changes; research reveals that this time of year is the WORST time to refinish floors. Slower curing times, contraction and expansion rates, the whole thing…..soooooooo, now filler may be added, but if not/and, waiting til it warms up and expands the wood is more prudent, I may have to delay the piano delivery.

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