Colors from Slumtown…..

Spiraea in the driveway, heady with sweetness and ready before all the rest in May……
My beautiful picture
last year’s yellow pansy box on the side landing, overcast skies muting the tint a bit this day, they were a burst of sun!
one of the final pinks out front of the house end of summer 2014, this one a tad rain stained, I loved its heart
and now, the first apricot tulip heralds the end of winter in the window, poised to open by tomorrow !

5 thoughts on “Colors from Slumtown…..

  1. What template do you mean? The template for your blog, or the layout for these flowers? If you mean the images, I just put them one on top of the other and centre them with a caption or something. If you try to put them side by side, they’ll kiss each other.

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    1. Ahh….that is what happened. The left side right side option is what throws it all off. How do you put them on top of each other when you Add Media? You mean, you add one, then you add another, and you keep adding until ready to post, and the thing justifies itself? I’d also like each image to be much larger, to fill the screen one at a time? Thanks for all this help, SB, as usual. You being the gem, at all hours…<3

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      1. Add one, hard space, then add another one and hard space so they don’t get too tight. And so on. When you want the image to be larger, choose it in the Add Media menu (lower right hand of the box). Choose full size, large, medium, etc. Good luck. I fight with media every day.

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