21 thoughts on “Bach Prelude from Suite I

  1. What a great surprise this morning – Bach, Cello, and Ruth Ann. You must have stayed up all night practicing and making it sound the same as the recording for the Ballet to dance to!! Yeah Ruth Ann!!

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  2. I got lost in this one and you must know that your cello sounds ten million times better than mine. How old is it and how many houses can it buy? Anyway, I am still learning to play mine, so no chamber playing for me. Definitely want more so I can show you off to my other classical music buff friends who play strings, too. This will distract them from the fact that I’m still not ready to play in front of an audience. Isn’t it a clever idea?

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    1. I am truly, truly fortunate to have my instrument. And, I love it more and more every day. I paid, in ’89, a tenth of its alleged worth. What’s your email? Mine’s at my Gravatar/About page. (I did not even get that you played cello!?) (oh; and, what you are hearing is the most rustic, Photobooth recording on my Mac in my livingroom; you should hear it in a hall.)

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      1. My email’s at my Gravatar, too. I know the feeling of getting value for money. Mine’s vintage. It’s older than … it’s old. I traded my new one for it because I wanted something with flavour and spice. I am learning how to play my instrument at the moment. My cello teacher’s got one of Yo Yo Ma’s former ones; the one he played that Bach cello suite you played for that post for a famous commercial. And it’s about 85 years old. Isn’t it an interesting coincidence? You can tell its worth just from the look of it. It’s compact and majestic. What a beautiful darling instrument you have. I’m moved, I truly am.

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          1. She’s a concert cellist. And so is her husband. He runs a dermatology practice and they live in an oversized smart house on a hill. The cello has its own room. You’d be surprised at how many people think cellos are boring.

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              1. Just click on my Gravatar and it will take you to my Gravatar page. My about page is on my physical blog. And I make it a point not to disclose my location, so my cello teacher’s Ma cello is safe: sabiscuitscatalog [at] yahoo.com


                1. I must be missing the Gravatar logo at your blog site. This is typical; what is most obvious, I missss……..this is also why I do not indicate my city. Plus, wireless household alarm system with motion sensors and cameras…..check your email in a couple mins.

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                2. I can’t find your comment here either. I cleared everything earlier. I know you “liked” it, but I didn’t see any comments from you after that. A rewrite? xoxo SB


  3. Brava, RA! And you dispatched the most difficult part with ease! Eat your heart out, Misha Maisky! The only thing is the sound (i.e., your device). Makes an occasional low note sound like a didgereedoo.

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  4. Hah! What an analogy. Yes; the Macbook is all tin, and has to be placed in the next room just to get even that level of “quality”….! I need an external mic. But, thanks for the compliment. This was prepared ahead of the LEB Gala event a couple weeks ago; the dancers had been rehearsing with Maisky’s audio, so my offering is really an attempt at reconstituting his. Love that he indulges the accidentals – gave me some license!


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