Dear Visitors,

Still getting familiar with my host,

Apparently, unless individual pieces are opened (as opposed to viewing whatever appears at the Homepage, or taking a moment to tear a cuticle), there are no Like or Share* options for visitors. There is, however, a Comment option which can be utilized by everyone. Feel free to be scathing.

Oh; and, though the Comment template appears to “ask” for a website address, one is not required to submit Commentary. Nor is actual identity (thank you, Anonymous Someone).

Access by piece can be accomplished by using the Search in the footer, or by clicking on Categories to find by title. Oh; and/or by utilizing the Index of Blogs by Entry Date, also in the footer. Once the individual piece opens, the Like/Share, etc options should appear below the entry.

All of this, of course, can be completely ignored, particularly if you find the entire blog woefully self-aggrandizing, blatantly egotistical, completely self serving, a steaming bore, or otherwise unworthy of your valuable time.

p.s. the Rate This option may soon be deleted, as it appears that few use it and, when it does appear, admit it, the subliminal effect is squirmy. If you have already Rated one of my pieces, thank you for your kindness and generosity; but, I’m already quite spoiled, and would do well to spend a moment in reflective self-examination.

Thank you, again, for accidentally or otherwise appearing. I feel your presence, every time.

Yours, ever,

*Sharing is allowed only with advance permission from the author. Thanks!

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