GentleKindness Questionnaire:

gentlekindness has presented a questionnaire for all those she’s following. I’ve decided to answer her questions in the form of a post! So, here goes:

1. If you could make one person live for a week in your body and your life, who would it be? And why? Rather than choose anyone specific to fill this bill, I’d say that any man I have ever known would fit. Just to have a man live “me” and, thus, know both woman as gender and this woman in particular, would be a real lesson!

2. Name something in nature that you feel connected to and why? The dogwood sapling, planted in my father’s memory, on the grass strip by the curb alongside my house. ‘Nuff said?

3. What type of person do you have the most trouble getting along with? The passive-aggressive personality. Being direct by nature, and committed to the truth as best I understand it, such people and their sneaky, underhanded ways of attempting to dismantle me make me crazee. While not overtly dishonest, their potential for treachery is ever-present.

4. What time of the day do you prefer to write your blogs? At the moment they come to me.

5. If you had a clone of yourself, what would you delegate for them to do? Clean and compartmentalize the entire house.

6. Do you prefer writing about ” facts”  or ” ideas and possibilities?”  If facts are part of critical information that would benefit either the health or safety of another, then it’s facts at the fore; in every other case, ideas and possibilities.

7.  What is it that causes you to continue writing your blog? The need to create.

8. What is your idea of “quality time?” Unimposed-upon creative activity.

9. Do  you have any phobias? Yes. Railroad tracks and precipices.

10. If you could choose 3 charities to donate money to, what would they be? The three charities that currently allocate over 90% of their take to those in need.

11. Why do people compete? Because they fear rejection.   

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