That Infernal Edit.

Okay. One more round through the posts before a late bed……

What was THAT? “initial” and “for the first time” in the same sentence? And, what’s it called when the second clause doesn’t modify the first? And, since when is the sun displaced by earth’s shadow just because it gets dark?! Will somebody please send the old girl home?

We live in an age where one click of a cursor can expose everything. Perhaps publishing pieces before they are ready is a testament to a deeper problem, thinks the old girl. Only Toni Morrison has yet to earn the right to rewrite. That’s because it’s always perfect the first time, anyway, and all she’s really doing is buffing and polishing or getting overwhelmed with even better ideas.

Maybe it’s that age-old problem of living alone. Nobody here to tell you that your socks don’t match. Nobody to assure you that you did all this before and you can do it again. Just the Tv talkies, making love to their camera lenses, all day long.

Or, maybe it’s some grand presumption of superiority. The over-confidence of one who lacks a steward. The belief, fed by a childhood rife with praise, that the thing is good enough right out of the gate. Oh, the ensuing mortification.

I feel a cold draft coming on. Time to check the doors and windows, Save All, and move on. Just do me a favor; if you must taste, wait 24 hours before eating. Thanks.



Ruth Ann Scanzillo


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