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The No Party System.


The world is flat.

Thomas L. Friedman wrote the book, over a decade ago.

The Internet explosion and outsourcing have brought us into instantaneous connection with everything that can carry a signal. Provided we sustain electronic linkage, we can now communicate with virtually everyone – about anything – and provide goods and services for anyone from anywhere.

I can remember when one had to drive to a local library, navigate the research department catalogue, and sit for hours copying columns of material just to prove one historical point. Now, one smart phone and about twelve minutes can accomplish the same task – and, save all relevant documents into a virtual folder.

In the United States alone, I’m sure there are scholars who can provide enough data to support Friedman’s thesis. But, let’s consider the political realm, in this context.

Based in the last couple political campaigns, the internet has proved itself responsible for the rise of Bernie Sanders and the election of Donald J. Trump. Social media has become the first avenue for publicity. We don’t even need graphic designers, anymore (and, I was one); banners and yard signs can be self produced, using available software, and picked up at the nearest print outlet.

Instant access; equally swift information transmission. Do we even need to be present, to win?

Now, consider how we might review the political platform of a potential political candidate. Said hopeful creates a website, and lists his/her political views, point by point. Televised ads would be retained, albeit many of them viewed via smart phones. Door to door campaigns would still carry significant local weight, but these would no longer require anything but prior familiarity with a candidate’s position on all the issues.

So, how do we place value on political party? Primarily, citizens align on platform – a set of commitments to action which follow a certain ideology. Fiscal conservation. Equal rights, for women and minorities. Federal programs. Single payer health. Flat tax. Retirement options. Self-employed business ownership. Industry. Agriculture. The environment, and its protection. Fuel and power sourcing. Medical services. Insurance coverage, for home, auto, and equipment. Military defense. Employment opportunities.

But, why do any of these issues require party delineation? Can’t each be addressed, per its degree of relevance to the citizen? Is this populism? Well, why not?

The branches of government as vehicles would not have to be party dependent, either. Is there really a philosophy governing what has historically been defined as Democratic or Republican, anymore? I can’t even list how many op eds have been written about the evolution of party ideologies, and almost all address a direction which moves away from their original intent. It’s as if each is enduring the pull to divide, like a human cell.

Why not just consider all issues across a scale – left; center; right?

By working merely from such a scale, we would have a clearer perception of needs vs wants, and might more easily dispense with entrenched, outmoded thinking.

I am certain that sociologists would concur, on one point: the class system is the principal offender, here. Those who are defiantly party aligned are usually class conscious. And, this mentality is inherently divisive.

I fully expect to be bombarded by the resistant and the outraged. I’ll be called a simpleton. Have at me! Yet, I firmly believe that this is an idea whose time is coming. Please, be open. We cannot continue as we have been, with partisan gridlock tripping every step we attempt to take and, worse, resorting to suppression of the truth.

Institutionalized thinking is the bane of progress. Most importantly, morality has become subject to the interests of partisan politics – and, that is the foreboding harbinger.

“Government by, and for, the people.”


It’s our national call, in our world.





© 10/11/18 Ruth Ann Scanzillo.







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This is my FINAL POLITICAL POST for 2016.

I, Ruth Ann Scanzillo, HAVE NO candidate in this Presidential election. I support neither Hillary nor Trump. Nor Johnson, nor Stein.

Regardless what many thought of his decision to pull out of the running, to publicly support Hillary, all of that, I chose Bernie Sanders months and months ago – and, never looked back.


The belief that the Democratic party, and its candidate, have adopted Bernie’s platform with full intent to carry it out meets with dubious acceptance, on my part. Talk is the only thing cheap in politics, and we cannot know how many, if any, of his policies as outlined by him will be given a second thought once the new President is installed.

The Republican party, in my view, is lost. Trump has been, for all his public bluster and buffoonery, shrewd and calculating. The fact that the Republicans did not and, apparently, could not head him off says far more about them than it ever will about him.

For those of you who see me as a simplistically minded, superficial “pseudo- intellect” (and, I had a “boyfriend” who did), you are free to feel any way you will about me. This isn’t about me. It’s about what people take from social media, and how everybody reacts to what is said here.

For most of my adult life, I have been a registered Independent. I chose that party because I learned early on to reject the two-party system, seeing it as representing a petulant, stubborn mentality that serves no real productive end. Recent developments pretty much prove all that out, to me at least.

No; I have no hard answers. All I have is a point of view, and the right to choose. And, this year, I may very well choose to have maxillofacial surgery intended to abolish lifelong migraines, in Houston, during the first week of November.

Absentee ballot, you say? In Erie, Pennsylvania? You’ve got to be kidding, right?

I am a divorced, childless woman pushing 60. We, in my demographic, are regarded by local society as among the least relevant and most powerless. So be it. I have nothing left but gratitude to express to those who both mentored and modeled sound morals and values to me, beginning with my wonderful parents and grandparents. Family may just be a memory in my life, but I am thankful and at peace with my place in the universe.

Selah, kids. Bloom where you’re planted. Life is short. Create while you can, with everything you’ve got.


Oh; and, anybody who posts a defense or promotion of any candidate in the thread below will just have to endure seeing their comments deleted. I’m not trying to generate that kind of discussion. This is just my final opinion, and will have to stand as it is.

To those of you who actually read the entire piece: feel only love. Thank you.




© Ruth Ann Scanzillo  10/3/16