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Must You Be So Beautiful?



Must you be so beautiful

Must your eyes be blue

Must their pupils widen

When I look at you?


Must you stand so near to me

Must I smell your skin

Must you be here now, if

We can’t meet, again?


Must the years that came between

Must the time that’s passed

Must the choices made then

Melt away so fast?


Must have been we were too young

Must have not yet known

Must be no one told us

What we’d know when grown


Must a feeling’s memory

Motionless in time

Must a need yet unmet

Search for words that rhyme?


Must we be so dutiful

Must the things we say

Must their trust belie us

Must we walk away?





© Ruth Ann Scanzillo  11/28/15

All rights those of the author, whose name appears above this line. No copying, in part or whole, permitted. Thank you!