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The Heartbeat of Robert Downey, Jr.

Gotta say it.

For every “for” and “against” that has come out raving about Robert Downey’s interview walk-off, I don’t think this has yet to be offered.

Anybody look keenly at his chest as the questions became more incisive?

His heart was p.o.u.n.d.i.n.g.

Robert Downey, Jr was not being arrogant or uncooperative. The guy was physically upset by the line of questioning. His body was revolting.

Now, there are essentially two, main reasons, outside of physiological disease, why heart rate suddenly increases: a.) surprise; and, b.) fear.

Suppose both of these emotions were suddenly at play in Downey’s body. Would it be reasonable to assume a direct correlation between the probing nature of the questioning and his reaction? I believe the answer is yes.

We don’t know exactly why he reacted with either surprise or fear. Did he feel threatened? Perhaps. But, when the human body spikes a heart rate in the seated position, it is important to remove the source of the agitation.

In the case of this particular scenario, it appeared that nobody else in the room was about to move away from Downey.

So, he moved.

Personally, I think he did feel threatened. He didn’t want old wounds opened. He didn’t want his personal life investigated during the premiere week of his latest film. And, choosing to address past weaknesses in the face of this latest phase of an apparently successful run serves him not at all.

Neither does doing so serve the promotion of the film, in general, or the potential success of the movie.

So, let’s stay on topic, journalists. Or else, perhaps allow yourselves to be vetted publicly the next time you land a juicy sit down.





© Ruth Ann Scanzillo