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How To Be Irrelevant.

1.) Get out of bed with no regard for what just happened.

2.) Eat or drink whatever tastes good, when you are hungry, as long as it is not spoiled or contaminated with the following:

  • a.) unacceptable microbes;
  • b.) known poisons;
  • c.) plastic;
  • d.) paint

3.) Look at your hands, or your feet, and decide what they can do today; then, use them and do it.

4.) When you have finished what you started, decide whether the result is clean, beautiful, appreciable, or useful; if any of the above, keep it.

5.) Choose a place for what you just did, either solitary or capable of being shared with others, and put it there – offering to barter for life’s essentials in exchange, should your needs arise.

6.) Then, do something else.

7.) Go to bed, sleep until you wake up, and do it all again.


Nobody will notice. Nobody is watching. Eventually, somebody might, but you won’t. You’ll just be living.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *



Dedicated to Mum and Dad, who did just that.

Happy Monday! 😀

© Ruth Ann Scanzillo

4/10/15  all rights the author’s. Feel free to share, with credit thereto. Thank you.