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Maybe it’s like just me, like,

I’m weird, or like, not cool, or just, like, not… I don’t know, like [exhale.]. But.. like,

if I have to spend, like, the rest of my, like, life, like, listening to like a w.h.o.l.e  g.e.n.e.r.a.t.i.o.n of, like,

people, using a simple part of, like, speech, to make every.single.thing, like, everything they say, like, a hyperventilatingfreakinghalting fuh-reeeaking H.O.T. MESS of, like, disjointed modifiers and participles and, like, ohmygourd, like…...

{{{{{{{  STAAAAAAAAHHHHHP!!!!!!!!!!  }}}}}}}