4 thoughts on “Personal Proverb #94.

    1. Thanks for thinking about it, Nitin. This one came in the course of replying to one of my studio families, photo essay of the children at their first ever drive in movie….the essence of summer life, around here. Mum was describing in detail, and I couldn’t help but declare that the whole experience was what they’d all treasure, as the years unfold. I think watching children grow up is one of the gifts, because doing so teaches us so much about the value of living and learning even as it constantly reminds us of our own childhood.

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      1. I interpreted it as something related to writing. Most of a writer’s life is nostalgia, more so if they are a confessional poet or a novelist who draws from real life. But your beautiful explanation brought a whole new meaning to the quote. Yes, watching children grow up teaches us a lot and is like a second childhood. I’m 34 and I don’t have children yet. I’m not even married! But most of my friends are, and one in particular said something similar. He was going through a rough patch when he had his child and said that bringing that beautiful, innocent baby boy into the world changed everything. He said that the world is a terrible place but watching that child grow up would give his life new meaning. Thank you for your response.

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        1. Nitin, you will be a father, someday. I feel it! I am past the childbearing age, and often think what I’ve missed as I’ve watched scores and hundreds of children grow from Kindergarten to young adulthood, across 20 some years of teaching both public and private music education. That is how I arrived at the observation about learning from and reflecting upon childhood. So thankful you can relate! Thank YOU for being so encouraging, and take heart; you have MANY years still ahead of you, to grow relationships and father children!!!

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