Johnny Depp.

[ First draft ]

Scarlet said she’d think about it tomorrow.

I’d written scathingly about Amber Heard, just 48 hours earlier. Viewing the long awaited testimonies in court had me late to the party but riveted forthwith. And, in its course, I’d formed an opinion of the woman being sued for fifty million.

Then, she spoke.

And, the past five years of my own life flashed before my eyes. In fact, she took me back to the beginning.

I was reminded that growing up and falling in love is the madness, and surviving in its wake the task of life. When she told the story of her heartbreak, I collapsed in tears. To me, most all the patterns she outlined were familiar.

Pain isn’t sourced when countries declare war. We hurt each other, one at a time.

Stay tuned.





© 5/5/22 Ruth Ann Scanzillo All rights, you know the drill. Be the honorable person. Thanks.

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