7 thoughts on ““Basin Street Blues”.

    1. OMG. OF — remember when I told you all your Exactica and art posts were ending up in my email Deleted folder (?!) Well, now, they’ve been appearing (together with Dean Baker’s poetry!) in a folder I created, labeled Ancestry. It is unFREAKINGbelievable. I figured out that I am at least two years behind, on you — inexplicably!! Maybe email me, once per month, and include latest links?! I don’t know how else to fix!! ❤ xo!

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        1. You know, I think that’s how you ended up in all those other folders. I set my WP settings so that all notifications went OUT of my Inbox, but now they’re ending up in my “Ancestry” folder. You’re right; it IS maddening! woodslog??

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          1. Yes, exactly that! I reduced notifications on many, but some I can’t do that, only follow, or unfollow – also, I’m getting tons of stuff from charities and petitions, its a drag, because I may want to know and stay in touch, but then because its an industry, it gets industrial!! Argh! 😮

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