The Faux Class.


Brass and glass.


Gilded, shiny — and, ubiquitously outsized.

The age of the 80’s wasn’t just colored by Pantone. It was catered to us, on plated gold, by its self-rising dictator.

Ever leaning into the camera, to be sure his too long tie preceded him, the glint in his eyes told the tale. He was increasingly there, to deliver a unique brand of nouveau riche and snatch up every piece of real estate lying waste in his path.

And, the poor and wannabe scratch off culture ate him for breakfast, every morning.

Whose fault was it, that America let this happen?

Did we have too many disenfranchised, too many entrenched in the assembly line system, too many without vision or dreams for a future?

Some historians considered the German people impressionable pawns in the hands of Hitler. Were they? Why?

What happened to us, America?

This pandemic is only widening the political divide. We can’t be influenced in person anymore, seated with our ilk next to those of differing opinion; we have only our news outlets, dispensing their contending views, volleying with our minds and hearts.

But, somehow, millions of Americans rallied behind the voice of the Emperor, the one with no clothes, their blinders slipping over and obliterating their sight.

And, now, here we are, dying by the day, the week, the month, waiting interminably for the end of the deranged reign of the king of the faux class.







© 7/16/2020    Ruth Ann Scanzillo.       All rights those of the author, whose name appears above this line. No copying, in part or whole, including translation or transcription, permitted without express permission of the author.   Thank you for your respect.



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