Vanity Pressed.

Oh, yeah.

I took the bait.

Tv ads catch me, when I’m tired, after completing something successfully/overtaken by the desire to celebrate, after consuming too much sugar, or while under the influence of the migraine drug………and, I put my money down.

Hopefully, the publishing house which took my manuscript won’t parse it out, now that I’ve chosen to disengage/detach/cease pursuing a publishing opportunity which they offered me for the hefty outset fee of $3,300+.

But, just in case, above is the link to the entire compilation of short story chapters which I sent the publisher as a manuscript.

Feel free to click on it. You might recognize several pieces already having appeared here at Most importantly, let’s all protect each other from unauthorized use of our original material. I’ll do it for you, if you do it for me, too.

Thanks, everyone!

p.s. I can’t seem to create the URL link. Ah, well. Maybe somebody knows how?


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