Twinkling Eyes.



Some eyes just gleam

and, others glare

Some flash, or glaze

Behind a stare


Beware the orbs

Whose smiles alight

These will betray

Intent at sight


Though falsest face

A mask belies

The truth will speak

Through twinkling eyes.






© 8/28/18  Ruth Ann Scanzillo    All rights those of the author, whose name appears above this line. Please respect original material. Thank you very much.



7 thoughts on “Twinkling Eyes.

        1. Interestingly, the last stanza is more or less the climax of the other two. Talking about various eyes, and their nature, the twinkling eyes are the ones most empowering to their VIEWER because they cannot help but reveal the person’s truth. One can act fierce, but not be feeling fierce at all (stanza two is really identical in its intent to stanza three, because they are each describing the same kind of eyes); however, when eyes twinkle, they reveal the true feelings of the “actor”, whether or not said truth is intentionally being revealed. They are a barometric indicator.

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